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what is our vision?

With many musicians and artists struggling during the recent restrictions and loss of income, they have all suffered immensely – our vision is to develop an income stream separate from these restrictions.

On our platform, artists can still create but benefit from trading their creations online, enabling the artists to improve their reach digitally.


We know that transforming art to digital can be a challenge. Artists want to continue producing art pieces, whether it’s a painted artwork or an audio or video track, without figuring out the technical stuff.

We also know that it typically costs +-£300.00 to create, list and pay for the Blockchain network costs to develop an NFT. With that in mind, we’ve created a fund-me style solution codenamed Help For Artists (HFA).


With every £150.00 reached from the sale of our Tokens – we will subsidise an extra £150.00 to bring the artists artwork to life – SIMPLE!

Buy 3x Bronze or 2x Silver or 1x Gold Token – or any combination = the £150.00, and we will do the rest.


A brand new NFT, listed on our marketplace and a personalised Home Page on NFT Bulldog – this dedicated page will showcase their works, with links to their Social Media and activities – It will also list their newly created NFT/s with links to purchase, trade and more information on future drop dates.

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Send us a sample of your Art, and let’s start a conversation on Bringing YOUR Art to life!